16 Apr

We are double champion at ESL Meisterschaft!

Double champion - We did it! Both in League of Legends, as well as in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive we could secure the trophy and the title as ESL Spring Champion. This makes us the second organization to secure two titles in LoL and CS: GO within one season.

6 Apr

ESL Meisterschaft Finale im Castello Düsseldorf

Dieses Jahr endet die ESL Frühlingsmeisterschaft mit den Playoffs im CASTELLO in Düsseldorf. An dem 07. und 08. April treffen dort die besten League of Legends, FIFA und Counter-Strike: Global Offensive-Spieler aufeinander.

Wir haben es sowohl in LoL, als auch in CS:GO auf die Finals geschafft.

9 Feb

Goodbye Nerchio

Today we have to announce that we are parting from our Polish Starcraft player Artur "Nerchio" Bloch, furthermore we will be closing the Starcraft 2 section at EURONICS Gaming.

17 Jan

Our start for CS:GO in 2018

A new year begins and thus a new season. We are very happy to welcome many familiar faces in the CS:GO team. However, with mirbit we are also presenting a newcomer to ESG. We have summarized for you who our players are and what background they actually have. We are looking forward to the new season! #ESGWIN

15 Dec

ESL Meisterschaft Finale in Stuttgart

Die Wintersaison 2017 endet mit den Finalspielen in der Carl-Benz Arena in Stuttgart. Dort treffen die besten League of Legends Teams aus Deutschland aufeinander. Neben uns schafften es die Teams von SPG eSports, Wind and Rain und Mysterious Monkeys zu den Playoffs. 

25 Oct

Starcraft II - World Championship Series

Time has come for the best Starcraft II players in the world to compete for the world championship title. In the upcoming week they will meet at Blizzcon in Anaheim and fight for the throne and a prizepool of 700.000 US-Dollar!

9 Aug

Strong weekend for Quake and CS:GO

Last weekend some tournaments were held for our players at ESG. While our Starcraft player Nerchio attended GSL vs. The World tournament in Korea, k1llsen and his quake colleagues played the EU regional Qualifier in London. In the meantime, our teams in CS: GO and League of Legends fought for the semi-finals of the ESL Meisterschaft at TakeTV in Krefeld.

1 Aug

k1llsen at ESG

From now on we are entering the Quake Champions competition. The player we are allowed to present to you today is known all over the world and belongs to the most successful German Quake players.

5 Jun

CS:GO seasonguide for ESL summer championship

With a new lineup we will start into the summer season of the ESL Meisterschaft. The championship is now being played again in a league system and thus the championship gets a different sporting character. Here you can already see the schedule of our CS:GO team.

23 May

Challenger Series Qualifier - Summer 2017

This week we head another time into the CSQ! With teams like Red Bulls or Millenium it will be a though fight but we will give our best! Be sure to tune in every day and cheer for our team! #ESGWIN

19 May

Mit 2 Teams in die neue LoL Saison

Wir freuen uns, euch mitteilen zu dürfen das wir im kommenden Challenger Series Qualifier teilnehmen werden! Außerdem begrüßen wir ebenfalls unser neues Team für die ESL Sommermeisterschaft!

29 Apr

Comic Con Austria – Last trial before ESL Meisterschaft finals

On 08-09. April our League of Legends Team played the ”Masters of Esports 2017”. This tournament proved to be a great last trial for us before we play at ESL Meisterschafts finals in May.

6 Apr

Comic Con Austria 2017 – Meet our LoL-Team

Comic Con Austria 2017 takes place this weekend from 8th to 9th April in Linz and we take part in the CCA Masters of Esports 2017. We are playing against teams from the ESL Meisterschaft including Tactical Riot Gaming e.V and Alternate Attax.

20 Feb

Unser neues League of Legends Team

Nachdem wir Anfang des Jahres den Challenger Series Qualifier nicht erfolgreich gestalten konnten, mussten wir unser League of Legends Team neu aufstellen. Heute können wir euch das neue Team präsentieren. 

18 Feb

EURONICS Gaming welcomes new manager for team development

2016 was a year full of successes for EURONICS Gaming in League of Legends with the two time wins of the ESL Meisterschaft and both FIFA and CS:GO runner up accomplishments.

8 Feb

6 Invitational - A big fight was not enough

In the second quarter final of the day we faced Santos Dexterity. Two teams on the same level showed us a relentless fight, where in the end we didn't come out as the winner.

1 Feb

New CS:GO team

The "german schuffle" changed many german CS:GO rosters. Today we are happy to announce our new team!

31 Jan

The 6 Invitational – Rainbow Six World Championship in Quebec

The 6 Invitational is the biggest Rainbow Six esport event of all time. Between 3rd & 5th February 6 teams are fighting for the world championship in the category “PC” and “XBOX”. Beside teams like “Continnum” from NA and “GiFu” from EU we will compete in the category “PC”.

18 Jan


Du wolltest schon immer professionell League of Legends spielen und um den Titel der deutschen Meisterschaft kämpfen? Dann ist genau jetzt deine Chance, denn wir suchen dich!

9 Jan

Challenger Series Qualifier Guide

The European Challenger Series Qualifiers are almost underway. Here’s everything you need to know about all the teams competing, the schedule and where to watch!

12 Dec

New Overwatch team

A few months ago we were already dealing with the new Blizzard game Overwatch, now we would like to present our new lineup.

7 Dec

Nach der ESL Meisterschaft

Die ESL Meisterschaft konnten wir mit klasse Platzierungen in den einzelnen Disziplinen beenden. Was steht für dieses Jahr also noch im Kalender? Was gibt es für Turniere? Jetzt erfahrt ihr mehr!

22 Nov

ESL Meisterschaft Winter 2016 - League of Legends

With two championship titles in the bag, our League of Legends team is looking for the third trophy in a row. Iguana eSports, Mysterious Monkeys and EYES ON U want to cross our plans, but we are ready!

22 Nov

ESL Meisterschaft Winter 2016 - CS:GO

In der Sommersaison der ESL Meisterschaft konnte unser CS:GO Team den Vizemeister Titel holen. Nun haben sie es erneut auf die Finals geschafft und treffen wieder auf starke Gegner. Wir fragten bei Robin "ScrunK" Röpke noch einmal nach, wie seine Sichtweise zu diesem Event ist.

21 Nov

ESL Meisterschaft Winter 2016 - FIFA 17

4 Spieler haben es auf die Offline Finals nach Duisburg geschafft, mit dabei unser Spieler Marvin "M4RV" Hintz. Wir haben mit ihm noch einmal vor diesem großen Event gesprochen.

27 Oct

NVIDIA GeForce Cup in Warsaw

This weekend we are invited by NVIDIA to attend a League of Legends tournament in Warsaw. The teams compete for a prizepool of $ 15.000.

27 Oct

Starcraft 2 World Championship Series 2016

Our polish Zerg player Nerchio has already done the first step. He competes at BlizzCon for the Starcraft 2 World Championship title with $ 200.000 on the line for the 1st place!

4 Oct

The ESL Wintermeisterschaft starts now

After the ESL Sommermeisterschaft 2016 finished at the Gamescom, time is ready for new german champions in League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and FIFA 17.

23 Aug

Successful Gamescom

With a brief overview of "our" Gamescom 2016, we would like to keep you up to date!

15 Aug

Gamescom Guide

The biggest german gaming event Gamescom will take place this week. You can try out the newest games and compete against pro gamers. Our gamers will be there to compete for the national championship and much more!

4 Aug

Welcome Intel and HP

When you set new goals that you want to achieve, you will face new challenges. A perfect time to cooperate with strong brands! We welcome our new official sponsors Intel and HP here at EURONICS Gaming!

17 Jul

Nerchio wins the Dreamhack Valencia

A Dreamhack is one of the biggest Lan-Partys all over the world. The players compete for a high prizepool and at this Dreamhack, our polish Zerg player Nerchio rewards himself for his consistent performance over the last month with a 1st place.

28 May

New CS:GO roster

In the last 6 months we made our first steps in CS:GO with the team around Asmo and qk-Mantis. But unfortunately the results were not the best and thats why we present a new team here. We hope that we can compete at a top level at the ESL Meisterschaft and 99dmg Liga.

12 May

Winner of the national championship

At the 05/08/2016 the ESL Frühlingsmeisterschaft 2016 took place at the Duisburger Landschaftspark. The best 4 teams from Germany competed against each other to fight for the title and a slot at the Challenger Series qualifier.

1 May

ESL Frühlingsmeisterschaft 2016 in Duisburg

On sunday 05/08/2016 it´s about time! Our League of Legends team will compete against the best teams from Germany. Furthermore they will fight for the title and a spot in the Challenger Series qualifying.

2 Mar

New League of Legends lineup

As the runner-up of last years spring season and former champion of the national ESL Championship in summer 2015 we were able to establish ourselves in League of Legends. Unfortunately we were not able to maintain this performance within the recently passed winter season - the reason why we are going to regroup our line-up and face the national ESL Championship once again.

31 Jan

DeMusliM enters our Starcraft 2 team

In the last news we have already preannounced you. Now we can say finally: Welcome DeMusliM at EURONICS Gaming!

19 Jan

We presents our new Starcraft 2 Team

For more than one and a half year EURONICS Gaming has been around and now we are pleased to announce that we have added another game title in our portfolio.

18 Jan

Meet us at Dreamhack Leipzig

The time has come the Dreamhack is coming to Germany. From 22.-24.01.2016, the Leipziger Messe turns to Germany's largest LAN party. With 1,000 participants, the gamers dueling in different games. Within the Games of CS:GO, Starcraft 2 and Hearthstone there is a prize pool of $160,000 !