28 May

New CS:GO roster

In the last 6 months we made our first steps in CS:GO with the team around Asmo and qk-Mantis. But unfortunately the results were not the best and thats why we present a new team here. We hope that we can compete at a top level at the ESL Meisterschaft and 99dmg Liga.

This is our new team, which consits of experienced as well as young talented players. We wish every CS:GO fan a lot of fun watching our players compete in tournaments and having great matches on livestreams!

Our new lineup for next season:

Johannes "threeman" Droste
David "dav1dK" Konkol
Robin "Scrunk" Röpke
Franz "oddo" Geiger
Dominik "failzzr" Hampe

I am pleased to announce that we will play from this day for Euronics Gaming.
With Euronics Gaming we have a strong partner at our side, giving us easier to cope with the tasks in the upcoming season.
I want to thank FAB Games for the great time we had together, thank and wish them every success continues.
Furthermore, we found a new 5th player. With oddo we have an old friend in our circle that fits perfectly into the team.
I thank Euronics Gaming and our sponsors, Zotac, SteelSeries and Antec for their confidence.

- Robin "ScrunK" Röpke, CS:GO Teamcaptain

We are pleased to announce you our new CS: GO team around team captain Robin "ScrunK" Röpke. In the last season we couldn´t reach our goals and so we had to restructure. The team around ScrunK consists of very talented and young players who all aim to achieve something both nationally and internationally. We are sure that we can keep up with the guys in the ESL Meisterschaft and maybe even have a shot at the title. We are excited about the upcoming season and wish the team best success!

- Stefan Rothaug, CEO & Marketing