4 Aug

Welcome Intel and HP

When you set new goals that you want to achieve, you will face new challenges. A perfect time to cooperate with strong brands! We welcome our new official sponsors Intel and HP here at EURONICS Gaming!

We have planned a lot for the coming months and we are delighted that we can implement these plans together with HP and Intel. Both brands are big names when it comes to gaming. After the ESL Meisterschaft Sommersaison we will continue with more news. Now we are looking at the Gamescom and are curious how our League of Legends team as well as our Counter Strike team are performing. Looking forward at a successful future!

We are pleased to introduce you to the new partners Intel and HP at EURONICS Gaming. These two companies will cooperate with us and we will try to establish ESG even more in esports. The first steps is that we try to be as well prepared as possible for the upcoming Challenger Series qualification, we will announce more about it soon. Intel and HP allow us to work even more professionally in esports and I thank these two companies for the confidence they have in EURONICS Gaming. We look forward to a good and successful cooperation and to a hopefully successful future.

Stefan Rothaug, CEO EURONICS Gaming