15 Aug

Gamescom Guide

The biggest german gaming event Gamescom will take place this week. You can try out the newest games and compete against pro gamers. Our gamers will be there to compete for the national championship and much more!

You can meet our gamers at the Gamescom! But first of all our League of Legends and the Counter Strike team will compete for the national championship called ESL Sommermeisterschaft. So be sure you are at the stage and cheer for our players. Our SimRacers will race the new GT SPORT game, and our Starcraft progamer Nerchio will also be at the Gamescom to play some showmatches. You can also head over to the EA Sports booth and try to beat our pro player M4RV! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date!


- Hall 7, 3pm SimRacer at GT SPORT booth


- Hall 6, 1:20pm M4RV Beat the Pro at FIFA 17 booth
- Hall 9.1, 3pm Dr. Pepper Allstar Tournament League of Legends


- Hall 9, 9am ESL Sommermeisterschaft Counter Strike: Global Offensive
- Hall 6, 11:55am M4RV Beat the Pro at FIFA 17 booth


-Hall 9, 9am ESL Sommermeisterschaft League of Legends