23 Aug

Successful Gamescom

With a brief overview of "our" Gamescom 2016, we would like to keep you up to date!

We are back from an exciting and successful week at Gamescom 2016! We started the week on wednesday with the GT SPORT event. Our simracer Moritz Löhner could confidently secure first place at this event where he had to compete against his teammates and other strong simracers! Our Fifa Player M4RV was starting thursday at the FIFA17 booth. There you had the opportunity to compete against him in a Beat the Pro challenge. Furthermore, we took place at the final of Dr. Pepper Allstar Tournament in League of Legends on thursday. But our team lost unfortunately against Team Lioncast but we had the chance for a rematch on sunday.

Saturday was the next event at hall 9, the ESL Meisterschaft Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Our team won the semifinals against Panthers and played in the afternoon the final match against PENTA Sports. We lost 1:2 but we are proud the be the runner up for the CS:GO ESL Meisterschaft! Our Starcraft 2 player Nerchio also attended Gamescom. At the blizzard stage he had couple of showmatches against other big names of the Starcraft community. Also our streamer IamThanh and his girlfriend Kitty visited the Gamescom. They streamed at the Intel booth and met their fans. Our last event was on sunday at the ESL Arena where the ESL Meisterschaft League of Legends took part. Our League of Legends team dominated the semifinal against Lioncast and then finished with a 2:1 victory against the underdog ESC Gaming! We are very proud to be again the german champion of the ESL Meisterschaft. With these overall results we had a very successful Gamescom and we hope that you also enjoyed the events and livestreams!