22 Nov

ESL Meisterschaft Winter 2016 - League of Legends

With two championship titles in the bag, our League of Legends team is looking for the third trophy in a row. Iguana eSports, Mysterious Monkeys and EYES ON U want to cross our plans, but we are ready!

The four teams of the offline finals in Duisburg compete for a big prize. It´s not only that the winner can take 7.500 € prizemoney, he can also win a slot for the Challenger Series Qualifier. This makes these ESL Meisterschaft finals highly contested. Since the beginning of the season our players and teammanager live in our gaming house near Würzburg. Recently our new coach Daniel Vorborg joined them. These circumstances should be ideal to improve and praticse for the upcoming tasks. Our first match will be against Iguana eSports which we already defeated in the cups. However we know they have good players and they also improved, so it will be a interesting match. The other semifinal will be Mysterious Monkeys versus EYES ON U. MM showed a great performance in the last weeks. It looks like they could take the win to advance to the finals. Many fans already called an overall final match between MM vs. ESG when the cups where played. The event in Duisburg will give us an clear answer. We spoke to our new support player Jakub "k0koo" Vaňkát about the event.

Question: Once again you qualified for the offline finals of the ESL Meisterschaft. What are your feelings going into these finals. What do you think about the other teams?

k0koo: I feel pretty hyped for the finals, its gonna be my first ESLM finals and if we will play our game we should win.

Question: Since you live in a gaming house and you are together with the coach and the manager, how do you prepare and practise for this event?

k0koo: We practice almost everyday and working on our mistakes so we can improve.

Question: Before the games at the offline events, how do you warm up? Do you have any specific "warmup-ritual"?

k0koo: I don't have something specific, we will prepare at the practise area and will gather with our coach and manager.

Question: The finals will be played on the preseason patch, do you think this suits you better then the other teams? What is the maindifference in this patch, can viewer expect different gameplay?

k0koo: Well, i can't say it suits us better then the other teams cause i don't know how the others teams are doing on this patch. Not much have changed since the new patch came just a few picks and items, hopefully viewers will enjoy the games just as we will.

Sunday, 27. November, Duisburg Landschaftspark Nord - Gebläsehalle
Link to ticket sales (Use coupon code "Euronics" to get 25% off!)
Link to live broadcast on Twitch

12 am - Semifinals Iguana eSports - EURONICS Gaming
3:30 pm - Semifinals Mysterious Monkeys - EYES ON U
7 pm - Finals League of Legends