12 Dec

New Overwatch team

A few months ago we were already dealing with the new Blizzard game Overwatch, now we would like to present our new lineup.

Today we can present our Overwatch team around Maximilian "MeToR" L. The team with players from 5 countries, convinced by a steadily increasing performance in training games as well as the ESL Go4 Cup series. With "showerg3l" a suitable analyst was found to help us reach our set goals. In the coming weeks we will participate in various tournaments. The future goal is to fight our way to the best 20 teams in Europe and to face the one or other experienced opponent and give them a good fight.

We are glad to have found a young team with potential to get a spot under the top 20 Europe in the future. Many teams were observed, tried to build, but the right way was never found to get a commitment. Now we give a team the chance who have a perfect base and each of the individual players can contribute their personal experience to the desired goal.

- Oliver Hinrichs, Team Coordinator