9 Jan

Challenger Series Qualifier Guide

The European Challenger Series Qualifiers are almost underway. Here’s everything you need to know about all the teams competing, the schedule and where to watch!

The EU CS Qualifiers will see teams competing throughout the week to determine the two top teams that will be promoted into the Challenger Series. The 12 teams will be separated into two groups, until only four teams remain. The top two teams from each group will face off in two Best of 5 matches. Two of them will stand victorious and advance to the the next tier of competition: the EU Challenger Series.

Live broadcast

Group A Group B
Fnatic Academy Alientech Esports
EURONICS Gaming Team Larssen
ASUS ROG Army Team Kinguin
Bobaski Team Forge
Nerv Tricked Esports

Our Matchdates:

Tuesday: FNA vs. ESG (Game 1 - 5PM CET)
Wednesday: ESG vs. BOB (Game 5 - 9PM CET)
Thursday: NRV vs. ESG (Game1 - 5PM CET)
Friday: ESG vs. ROG (Game 5 - 9PM CET)
Saturday: ESG vs. DLC (Game 3 - 7PMCET)
Sunday: final four teams will meet at 2PM CET

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