1 Feb

New CS:GO team

The "german schuffle" changed many german CS:GO rosters. Today we are happy to announce our new team!

After oddo and threeman leaving the team, we tried to prepare as best as possible for the new year. With maRky and syken as the two new players, we want to perform well in the next months!

Robin "ScrunK" Röpke - Teamleader
David "dav1dK" Konkol
Thilo "syken" Phan
Markus "maRky" Reitenbach
Dominik "failzzr" Hampe
Karl "deathX" Milde - Coach

I'm really happy to finally announce our roster for this year. With syken and maRky we picked up, two really talented players, which have shown that they have the firepower and the skill to play at a high level. Thats what we're aiming for. Our previous lineup, didn't really manage to compete on an international level, with this roster we want to change that. I'm excited for the future and confident that we'll achieve great things together.

- Robin "ScrunK" Röpke, CS:GO team captain