8 Feb

6 Invitational - A big fight was not enough

In the second quarter final of the day we faced Santos Dexterity. Two teams on the same level showed us a relentless fight, where in the end we didn't come out as the winner.

We lost the first map “Kafe Dostoyevsky” after overtime. At the end of a thrilling matchup the brazilians went ahead 6-5. The key player of this map was definitely “Gohan” who played superior and aggressive, which cost him one and another time a point. Unfortunately for us we couldn't make the most of these situations, why we had to concede the first map.

On the next map “Consulate” our team was dominant. This time we were able to contain the aggression of our opponents and played very quick. Fortunately we had the time on our side when we defused the bomb for the temporary 4-1 score.

In our crucial last round in the best of three on the map “Border” our opponents Santos Dexterity beat us 5-3 and moved to the semi finals against “Continnum”. Especially our offense phase was very difficult against the solid and coordinated brazilians, who won after a 2-1 for our team three rounds in a row. This streak was the herald for our loss on this map and the series. “Cameram4n” killed two of our team members with C4 for the temporary 2-2 tie.

The dominant second map on “Consulate” wasn't enough in the end and therefore we dropped out of the tournament after one game. Nonetheless we are proud of our team around captain Rickard “Secretly” Olofsson who fought a big fight against remarkable brazilians. But we are looking forward to the new Pro League season to come back even stronger!