18 Feb

EURONICS Gaming welcomes new manager for team development

2016 was a year full of successes for EURONICS Gaming in League of Legends with the two time wins of the ESL Meisterschaft and both FIFA and CS:GO runner up accomplishments.

We would like to take our stacked expierence to the new year and we want to grow as an organisation. That is why we would like to welcome our new manager for team development Tobias Benz. Tobias Benz looks back to his sports carrer as a football player in the Junior Bundesliga and an appearance at the german championship in triathlon. He studied economics and specifically ressource efficiency. Currently he is a student at the pedagogical academy in Ludwigsburg.

Through his expertise in sports, economics, pedagogy and psychology we are looking forward to a future-oriented idea in eSport.

We as an organization have the responsibility to provide our esport teams a professional environment. With Tobias Benz we hired someone who grew up in such an environment. Only with the right infrastructure we are able to work in esport sustainably, which is a key for long-term success.”

- Kevin Westphal, CEO EURONICS Gaming

With the concept of sustainable professionalisation we are looking for a way to support esport athletes in their comprehensive establishment and above that to evolve them. That means for example the integration of a “Work-Life-Balance” from the experience of professional sports, team building from the experiential education and communication and reflection training. A privilege at this is our gaming house, which let all fields work under one umbrella.

It is very important to give the team a professional mindset. They are role models for a young generation. We have to sensitize the players for this status. Here we work very diligent in the field personal development and maturity with the help of pedagogical measures. For esports this is unknown but very important territory. We will strike new paths with sustainable professionalisation at Euronics Gaming.

- Tobias Benz, Team Development

In the next days we will announce our new League of Legends team for the upcoming spring season of ESL Meisterschaft.