29 Apr

Comic Con Austria – Last trial before ESL Meisterschaft finals

On 08-09. April our League of Legends Team played the ”Masters of Esports 2017”. This tournament proved to be a great last trial for us before we play at ESL Meisterschafts finals in May.

At comic con austria 2017 in Linz we had to face a top-class team like Alternate Attax. Also part of the tournament were Tactical Riot Gaming e.V and Vination eSports. After 6 months and 4 qualification cups 4 teams were allowed to play the final at CCA. There was no doubt that our team and Alternate Attax were the favourites for the trophy.

On Saturday every team faced each other in a round robin system to clarify the 2 teams for the finals on Sunday. In our first match we had to play the cofavourite Alternate Attax, which we lost significantly. Our games against TRG and VN were tough, but we won both in the end. With our 2-1 record we were allowed to play in the grand final.

After the third-place play-off and the ”CCA Championship of Cosplay” the grand final of ”Masters of Esports 2017” began and our opponent was Alternate Attax. After a decisive performance by our ADC Daniel ”Broeki” Broekmann on ”Ziggs“ we beat Alternate Attax in the first game of the series in about 36 mins and brought them their first loss of the tournament. Therefore we only had to win another game to win the best of 3 series.

In our second game Alternate players Gerrit ”Phrenic” Stukemeier on ”Graves“ and Janik ”Jenax” Bartels on ”Ahri” gave us big trouble and led their team to equalize the series. In a deciding match Alternate Attax played more determined and mechanically way better on that day. Because of that they achieved a positive killing score, but the gold gap wasn't high enough to snowball the game to their favour. After a Baron Nashor approach by ATN our jungle Eni ”XoYnUzi“ Zhou on ”Gragas“ opened up a teamfight. Unfortunately our damage wasn't high enough to kill ”Swain“ and ”Vladimir“ and the result was a devastating teamfight. Again and again we had to put everything in our defense, but after few pickups towards our team they succeeded killing the Baron Nashor. After few more minutes in the game we were able to start the Nashor by ourselves, but ”Jenax“ was way to strong. He crushed two of our team and slained the Baron Nashor by himself. That was the last nail in the koffing and we had to give up our base after 37 minutes.

Congratulation to Alternate Attax which was the better team all weekend. We will analyse the tournament and prepare for the ESL Meisterschaft finals in Duisburg. We are grateful for our fans at the venue and on stream and appreciate your support throughout the tournament and the ESL Meisterschaft season.