5 Jun

CS:GO seasonguide for ESL summer championship

With a new lineup we will start into the summer season of the ESL Meisterschaft. The championship is now being played again in a league system and thus the championship gets a different sporting character. Here you can already see the schedule of our CS:GO team.

The team:

  • Team captain: Robin "ScrunK" Röpke (21)
  • Player: Thilo "syken" Phan (21)
  • Player: Jan "LyGHT" Patocka (25)
  • Player: Dimitrios "stavros" Smoilis (24)
  • Player: Marcus "J0hnny" Gabriel (25)

Matchday livestream

Matchday 1, 05.06.17 7 PM CEST - SFTO eSports vs. EURONICS Gaming

Matchday 2, 12.06.17 10 PM CEST - DIVIZON vs. EURONICS Gaming

Matchday 3, 19.06.17 10 PM CEST - Planetkey Dynamics vs. EURONICS Gaming

Matchday 4, 26.06.17 10 PM CEST - Team LeiSuRe vs. EURONICS Gaming

Matchday 5, 03.07.17 7 PM CEST - EURONICS Gaming vs. tersc

Matchday 6, 10.07.17 7 PM CEST - Berlin International Gaming vs. EURONICS Gaming

Matchday 7, 17.07.17 10 PM CEST - EURONICS Gaming vs PANTHERS Gaming

Matchday 8, 24.07.17 TBA - ALTERNATE aTTaX vs. EURONICS Gaming

Matchday 9, 31.07.17 TBA - Berzerk vs. EURONICS Gaming

Our goal this season is to establish ourselves as one of the better teams of the German scene. We would be very happy if we could make it to the semi-final or final in the end, but we are also realistic and know that we have to get back into the ESL championship. We are looking forward to the league system and we hope for exciting matches and a great season.

- Team captain CS:GO Robin "ScrunK" Röpke