9 Aug

Strong weekend for Quake and CS:GO

Last weekend some tournaments were held for our players at ESG. While our Starcraft player Nerchio attended GSL vs. The World tournament in Korea, k1llsen and his quake colleagues played the EU regional Qualifier in London. In the meantime, our teams in CS: GO and League of Legends fought for the semi-finals of the ESL Meisterschaft at TakeTV in Krefeld.

In London our quake player k1llsen was able to get through in the 1on1 tournament. With strong matches against stermy and Vo0, he secured a place for the Quake World Championship which will take place at the end of the month. In the 4on4 tournament unfortunately our players were defeated. For k1llsen the journey continues, there is a $ 1,000,000 prize to get on the QuakeCon!

After the withdrawal of BIG from the CS: GO ESL Meisterschaft, the season standing changed and our CS: GO team had to compete against ALTERNATE aTTaX. As an underdog we went into the game, which turned out to end with 11:16 on overpass. Our Mappick Nuke then went much better! With a sovereign T-side, we could already put a clear exclamation mark at half time and ended the map with 16:07. The Bo3 should end with the map train. Even though we were able to take the lead with a 07:02, aTTaX came back and equaled halfway through. On the CT side, we were able to play again and strengthen the leadership further. With a 16:11 victory on the last map, we defeated aTTaX with a 2:1 result and advance to the final at Gamescom!

In the League of Legends semi-final we met the favorites Mysterious Monkeys. The first game went as planned and with a good draft we could end the first game after 32 minutes. The next matches went much longer. There were a big fight between the two teams for 50 minutes. In the last game MM was stronger from the start and the Midlaner Abbedagge could get a few kills. In the end we were unfortunately defeated and congratulate MM to the final!

Nerchio, unfortunately, like many of his western counterparts, dropped in the first round of the GSL vs the World tournament. Only Neeb made his way into the second round. In the match against the opposing Korean player Dark he lost 1:3.