25 Oct

Starcraft II - World Championship Series

Time has come for the best Starcraft II players in the world to compete for the world championship title. In the upcoming week they will meet at Blizzcon in Anaheim and fight for the throne and a prizepool of 700.000 US-Dollar!

After several tournaments, our very own Starcraft II player Nerchio proves again that he is one of the best players in the world. He finished 5th place at the WCS Circuit Standing and secured himself a spot at the WCS groupstage. Starting this weekend, Nerchio wants to fight his way out of group B to find a way to the finals. We wish him best of luck for the competition, may the best Starcraft player win!

Before I actually saw the groups for Blizzcon I was sure I wanted to avoid Neeb from WCS Seeds but unfortunately there is a chance that I will face him in the group stages. On top of that there is 2 of the best zerg players in the world and then there is me - a veteran that never backed down without a fight in a 7 year SC2 history. It's a tough group but so is any other at Global Finals and I am ready to fight. - Nerchio, SC2 Player

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