16 Apr

We are double champion at ESL Meisterschaft!

Double champion - We did it! Both in League of Legends, as well as in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive we could secure the trophy and the title as ESL Spring Champion. This makes us the second organization to secure two titles in LoL and CS: GO within one season.

On Saturday, we secured the first title in League of Legends. It started with the semi-final game against BIG. The first round went to the former Black Lion lineup, but our boys managed to win the following rounds and finish the game 2-1. In the final, our team met winter champion 2017 SPG eSports and beat them with a thrilling 2: 0. In addition to the title in the ESL championship, the team could qualify with this result for the European Masters tournament.

In CS: GO it became a real thriller. Our first game was the semi-final against PANTHERS Gaming, which turned out to be very exciting. The first map was close to the PANTHERS with a 14:16, but on the second map, de_nuke, our team was able to turn the page again. These (16:08) and the following map (16:11) went to us and we reached the final, where we met runner-up DIVIZON. There it was not less exciting: The first map went back to the opponents with a 14:16. On the second map, the opponents were in the lead, but our team did not give up, made it into overtime and secured the map with a 22:19. On the last map, our team was able to maintain momentum, winning the map and securing the trophy 2-1! So our CS: GO lineup is also qualified for the ESEA Mountain Dew League.

In addition, our CS: GO player Josef "faveN" Baumann has been awarded as the MVP. It was a successful and emotional season for the young player.