18 Jan

Meet us at Dreamhack Leipzig

The time has come the Dreamhack is coming to Germany. From 22.-24.01.2016, the Leipziger Messe turns to Germany's largest LAN party. With 1,000 participants, the gamers dueling in different games. Within the Games of CS:GO, Starcraft 2 and Hearthstone there is a prize pool of $160,000 !

We as EURONICS Gaming may not be missing at this great and important event and therefore we have a booth for all visitors and fans there. You have the opportunity to meet some of our players live at Dreamhack and you can talk about various games with them or collect a autograph. Furthermore you can compete against our players in BEAT THE PRO at our booth and win lots of prizes. The grand prize is a EURONICS Gaming PC from EURONICS with a value of 1300 €! In addition, there will be shopping vouchers for euronics.de, tickets for our Public Viewing event in March and lots of t-shirts and other giveaways. So come over and with a little luck, maybe you're the winner of EURONICS Gaming PCs!

You can meet the following players from Friday - Sunday at our booth and compete against them:

Tobias "TwoBiers" Graap (Hearthstone)

Sébastien "FireCake" Lebbe (Starcraft 2)

Matthias "yingyang" K. (Starcraft 2 )

Marvin "Rinka" Ströber (Starcraft 2)

Keanu-Rico "HolyHit" Brüggermann (Starcraft 2)

Marius "marius89" Wenke (Trackmania)

Tobias "Shorty" Rouschal (Trackmania)

Our Starcraft 2 Players: FireCake, yingyang, Rinka and HolyHit will also participate at the Starcraft 2 tournament DreamHack Open ZOWIE where the players compete for a prize money of $50,000! We wish them the best of luck!