19 Jan

We presents our new Starcraft 2 Team

For more than one and a half year EURONICS Gaming has been around and now we are pleased to announce that we have added another game title in our portfolio.

Probably you already knew it, as you saw FireCake on the 12th edition of the Home Story Cup in our jersey. But everything started in September last year, when we had discussions about the future of the new division with our new Starcraft 2 Manager Alexander "jayDe" Duchene. After almost four months, we are pleased to present our new Starcraft 2 Team:

  • - Alexander "jayDe" Duchene (Team Manager)
  • - Chantal "Sylvanas" Frey (Caster)
  • - Sébastien "FireCake" Lebbe
  • - Fabian "HaNfy" Kattner
  • - Matthias "yingyang" K.
  • - Keanu-Rico "HolyHit" Brüggermann
  • - Nicolas "Bordan" Bengs
  • - Marvin "Rinka" Ströber
  • - Janik "TcUltimate" Klawitter
  • - Patrick "Aspharr" Frey
  • - Tom "Tom" Dietrich

Some of these names may be familiar to you, others not. The reason is that we have been trying to find a healthy mix of young and professional players. We are of the mind that in addition to the well-known players the German community needs a few extra counterparty at the top. Therefore, the decision was an easy one to promote a young team and we believe, that with the players mentioned above we have found the best newcomers of the scene. We are pleased to announce that we will accommodate one or two further professional player. Moreover, we have already entered into negotiations with other players and are not afraid to say that in February we will present probably one of the best-known players in the world. We are looking forward what the future will bring to our team.