1 May

ESL Frühlingsmeisterschaft 2016 in Duisburg

On sunday 05/08/2016 it´s about time! Our League of Legends team will compete against the best teams from Germany. Furthermore they will fight for the title and a spot in the Challenger Series qualifying.

After a long way through cups, it´s now time for the open air finals in Duisburg. We will face the best teams from Germany, which are EYES ON U, Mysterious Monkeys and AtroX esports. Within the season we had good results, winning 4 of 5 cups and finishing the groupstage with a result of 2-0.

Here they are, the finals! With a dominating season we qualified for it and secured the role as the favourite.
With 4 wins out of 5 cups we are clear favourites for the overall win and everything else would be a disappointment. For myself it is a great success,
since it is my first season as a manager. It was a long process with a lot of work, but now we can say that it was worth it! It's fun to work with everyone and I can proudly say that we created a very strong and solid lineup.

- Christian Kopf, Manager League of Legends

The first semifinal consists the pairing EYES ON U against Mysterious Monkeys. We have to compete against AtroX esports. These matchups will provide us exciting games and we hope, you are cheering for us! If you don´t have tickets yet, be sure to get them now!

Our team is currently having a good performance! This is important and we will try to improve this with a bootcamp before the finals take place. I am looking forward to Duisburg and think that we can expect great matches. As an organization we will do our best to support the boys!

- Kevin Westphal, CEO & Founder EURONICS Gaming

Photo by ESL