Gaming is like sport.

You can always make excuses for losing.

Pretend luck wasn’t on your side.

Complain that the game was rigged.

But deep inside, true gamers, like true athletes, know there is nothing random about winning.

Dominating the game takes passion, training, hours. Determination.

But what’s the point of always pushing yourself, your dexterity, your strategy, if you have a machine that slows you down?

OMEN by HP is not just a new line-up. It’s a gateway to help you realize your full gaming potential – and even surpass it.

Inspired by your desire to not just push your boundaries, but break through them, we’ve reinvented hardware from the inside out with revolutionary thermals to more powerful graphics to never-seen-before form factors.

Our new breed of machines and accessories will immerse you in richer gaming experiences – bigger, badder and faster than anything you have ever seen.

OMEN by HP is designed to help you conquer your most formidable quests – to make you unslowable, unstoppable.

No more frustration, no more limitation.

Now you will really have no excuses. 

Reinvent Domination with OMEN by HP.

HP. Keep Reinventing.